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If you are already separated or if you have taken the decision to separate or to divorce, you need to find a solution as to the consequences of your separation or divorce, those consequences are also referred to as the “accessory measures” or “corollary relief”. In a way, you don’t have a choice to find a solution, your children have to know with which parent they will live and which days of the week they will be with each parent (custody and access rights), the parents have to know in what proportion they will contribute to the needs of their children (the child support), who will have the use of the former family domicile, the family car, etc.

The family mediation allows you, with the help of a professional, the family mediator, to discuss, negotiate and eventually settle the consequences of your separation on an amicable basis.

The advantages of the family mediation are numerous, here are a few of the most significant:

  • You are giving yourself the chance to settle the consequences of your separation or divorce without a legal fight and without the feeling of “having lost” the legal battle or the feeling of “looking for revenge”;
  • The settlement reached through family mediation is your settlement, the solution to which you came yourselves with the help of the mediator, the solution that is in the best possible way adapted to the circumstances to your particular case;
  • If you have dependant children, you are entitled to five hours of family mediation at no charge, those five hours are covered by the Ministry of Justice of Quebec;
  • Family mediation is more quick and much less expensive than legal proceedings;
  • If at one point throughout the mediation process you come to the conclusion that it doesn’t work according to your expectations, you can withdraw from it;
  • In the event that you come to an agreement through mediation, then your legal proceedings for separation or divorce will be quite simple and much less expensive;

Through family mediation you can settle the main issues of your separation or divorce, namely:

  • The partition of the family assets;
  • The custody and the access rights with the children;
  • The child support;
  • The spousal support;
  • The compensatory payment;
  • The lump sum;

Me Robert Brankin has a rich and long experience (since 1999) in family matters and he is a licensed family mediator. He could assist you in family mediation and also if you reach an agreement through mediation, he could file joint proceedings for separation or for divorce and obtain a judgment for separation or divorce.

On the question of the child support, you can obtain more information by visiting a dedicated Website of Me Brankin at


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