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If you have been convicted in the past of a criminal offense, whether this criminal offense is one of the Criminal Code of Canada or one of another law of criminal nature (for example the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act), you have a criminal record.

Your criminal record doesn't disappear with the passage of time alone, even if many years have past since your conviction and you have not committed any other offense. You have to file a formal application for record suspension (previously called “pardon”) in oder to have your criminal record removed and your good reputation restored.

Having a criminal record could prevent you from occupying certain employment positions, from freely traveling abroad or from sponsoring your family members who are foreign citizens who wish to come and live in Canada.

In Canada, the Parole Board of Canada is the competent government agency to evaluate the applications for record suspension and to grant record suspension to the admissible applicants.

If you wish to travel to the United States and in order to avoid being refused admission at the boarder, you can apply for a special permission (waiver).

Me Robert Brankin can file for you an application for record suspension with the Parole Board of Canada or an application for waiver with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

For more information about the record suspension and for the application for waiver, you could visit Me Brankin’s special Website at


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